Buying a Motorhome – Chapter 5 Part 2

OK. Had some time to get some of the paperwork done, so some further info.

I didn’t write a chapter, but after selling the 5th wheel, I no longer had a need for GMC 2500HD Duramax. I did have a need for something that I could pull behind the motorhome. After doing some research, and taking Mrs. Curbcrushers requirement that the vehicle had to have OnStar, we decided on a Saturn Vue. I took the truck to the local Saturn dealer and left with a Vue.

To get the Vue working behind the motorhome will require a base plate, tow bar and braking system. I negotiated some of this into the price of the motorhome earlier.

So yesterday afternoon, I too the Vue to the dealer. They looked at it and figured out what base plate to order, and we discussed braking systems. The parts guy was real big on the BrakeBuddy. This is a device that you have to place in front of the drivers seat and then hook up a pole to the brake pedal when you want to go somewhere. When you get somewhere you have to pull all this out of the drivers seat before you can drive anywhere. My folks have an Allegro Bay, and pull a Jeep with it. They just hook up the wiring harness from the coach to the Jeep and away they go. Nothing to put in the front seat, the braking is handled by some gizmo that was installed under the hood. I’m not sure what brand their using (and neither were they when I asked), but I had found the Unified Tow Brake that works this same way. The parts guy said I really didn’t want that kind of system. When I asked him why it basically boiled down to is that it takes a lot longer to install. We spent about 40 minutes discussing it, and I think I finally convinced him I really wanted the Unified Tow Brake.

Most of the time yesterday was spent talking with the parts guy about the base plate and brake system. We got about 10 minutes to walk through the rig. Suncoast had not processed it though the checks yet, but it still looks good.

Spent part of today arranging insurance and financing. I had already done all the application and approval for the financing, we just had to go sign the papers and stuff this afternoon.

Target day to take delivery is Friday. First camping trip the next Friday.

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