Buying a Motorhome – Step 6 Delivery

Friday the 13th was the big day. Delivery day. Up early and the CurbCrusher family headed over to Cocoa and Suncoast RV to pick up the motorhome.

We arrived and met with our sales rep who introduced us to Jim, the tech that would walk us through the pre-delivery inspection. They had the rig in the garage, so we were out of the sun, and it was easy to walk around and climb underneath. We went through all the systems and operations inside and out of the coach. Then we learned how to hook up the Saturn to the motorhome. That part is fairly easy. You hook the towbar to the pins on the car, you plug the wire in from the motorhome to the car, and hook up the safety chains and the breakaway chain. Now its all ready to go.
Finally we went into the office and signed all the papers and then we owned a motorhome.

It took a bit of getting used to on how to center the rig on the road, but I think I finally quit weaving all over the road. I was feeling pretty good about half way down the 528, then realized that I had a toll booth to drive through. So I started sweating 🙂 All was well, I just slowed down in the E-Pass lane and aimed for the middle. I didn’t hear any scraping or tearing noised.

Finally at the house I backed the rig into the driveway. We never had the 5th wheel in the driveway, I always parked it in the street. With the motorhome I was actually able to back it in. It barely fits, with the front almost at the street. This way we can put the slides out and load it up. All the stuff that had been in the 5th wheel has been living in the garage and on the porch for the last month and a half. It’s like reclaiming room in the house.

Hopefully we’ll get it all loaded by the end of the week so we can head to Ft. Desoto for the first camping trip.

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