Back Home

Well, we did it, our first long trip in the motorhome. The CurbCrusher clan drove from Cloudland Canyon back to Orlando on Thursday. Because there was not internet access for most of the trip, I wrote about the trip in OpenOffice and then I’ve cut and pasted into the blog, and edited the timestamps on the post to match roughly when I actually wrote the entry.

It is good to be home, but now we have to catch up on all the mundane chores that we got to ignore for seven days. Grass needs to be cut, laundry done, the house cleaned and all that. It was great to get back and find out that someone other than the family reads this, thanks Lou.

Having spent a while driving the Itasca, I want to write a summary of my thoughts on driving the motorhome on a long trip versus the fifth-wheel, and I want to explain how we got started RVing, as I mentioned in my response to Lou, that may help others that are thinking about RVing, but not sure about it. I’ll probably try and post something about the driving this weekend, but may hold off on the other.

The next trip is already planned, but its a short one. Next weekend we are going to head over to Fort Wilderness, the campground at Disney, for a weekend. Hopefully this will be a more relaxing weekend that the last trip to Ft. Wilderness three years ago when we left early because of Hurricane Jeanne so we could batten down the house before the storm.

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