Ravine Gardens State Park

RV in Parking Lot
On our way home from Gold Head Branch State Park, we stopped in Palatka at Ravine Gardens State Park. This is a park that began life as a city park, and then was turned over to the state when the city could not maintain it any more. While we drove the RV to the park as we headed home, I would suggest that you not do that. There is really no RV parking at the park, and you wind your way through a number of small city streets trying to get to the park, especially if you follow your GPS.
The park is a set of gardens that are situation around a ravine that has been cut by a stream that flows from a spring into the St. Johns River. There is a 1.8 mile road that winds through the park, or you can walk across and around on the various trails that work their way through the park, crossing two suspension bridges. Even though it was a very warm day (temperature in the upper 80s) when we were there, getting down on the floor of the raving and walking around was a cooling and pleasant experience. There is an Azalea Festival in March/April at this park, and I imagine that the place is absolutely gorgeous then.

All our pictures of Raving Gardens are here.

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