Day 7 We have some minor problems…but make it to Arizona

April 27, 2010 Day 7


We start our day from Amarillo. First thing breakfast in the RV. Boy is it cold. We woke up and CC said the thermometer read 56 degrees. No one wanted to get up. We turned on our heaters to warm up. Then got dressed to go visit the Cadillac Ranch. The roadside stop is kind of surreal, just these 10 Cadillacs stuck in the ground all covered with graffiti in the middle of a farmers field. We sprayed painted our names and Peacock GART 2010 (Great American Road Trip). PTCC thought it was cool defacing cars. But did I mention it was cold out? So we didn’t stay long. We get back to the RV and pay for our site in the office then go to unhook and set the toad up. Problem #1 the power cord from the RV has melted into our surge protector and CC has to cut it off and splice it onto a new one he brought with him. This takes about an hour to fix. Problem #2-our onboard wi-fi is not working. It stopped yesterday so we call to find out why. They told us we had already exceeded our bandwidth. We try to figure out how since LCC and CC uploaded pics using an RV park wi-fi a couple of days ago. We think it comes down to PTCC’s new I-touch that was a gift from her grandparent’s for her birthday coming up. CC thinks he might have uploaded the I-tunes player 2x without realizing he was using our mi-fi. So now we are out of space and have to pay for more. It was supposed to have lasted a month. We finally dump and disconnect and still have to fill up with gas since our light was blinking empty as we pulled in last night. So we are finally on our way at 11 am. An hour and a half later than we thought. I guess that’s why we pushed so hard yesterday. You never know what you will encounter along the way.


We finally see the last of Texas after noon so now it’s on to New Mexico. We aren’t stopping here except for gas so we have to sightsee out the windows. It looks real dry. And real monotonous. LCC decides to watch a movie with PTCC to pass the time. She feels sorry for CC who has to drive and not look at anything interesting. We pass through Albuquerque before the scenery changes. Now we are seeing volcanic rock along the road. This goes on until the state line. It takes us over 6 hours to go through New Mexico.


Now we are entering Arizona but we are confused about what time it is. Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings so we finally figure out that they are on Pacific Time in the Spring and Summer and Mountain Time in the Fall and Winter. This makes us happy as we think we should get to Holbrook before dark which would be nice since it was pitch black last night in Amarillo when we arrived. LCC picked the KOA to stay at even though they are the most expensive since they will definitely have Wi-Fi. We luck out when we get there and they give us 3 codes-one for everyone since PTCC still needs to work on her Spanish online. We might need her to translate for us. We settle in and PTCC runs to the playground to let off some energy while LCC starts on dinner and CC finishes setting up camp. It will be an early night on the clock but not in body for all of us tonight. The wind is blowing very hard and CC checked the weather and the gusts will be up to 27 mph here tonight. Hopefully we will all get sleep. Tomorrow early is the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, then on to the Grand Canyon.

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