May 14, 2010 Day 24 One of us Bikes the Other Doesn’t

Well after a slow start to our morning LCC gets ready to bike part of the nature trail next to the park. Her mistake was telling PTCC that the trail was 14 miles long. Now she doesn’t want to go because she thinks we are doing the whole thing. I can’t convince her otherwise. So she stays behind and does her Spanish work and I get my bike ready. In all the conversation I forgot my helmet which I rarely go without after having a bike accident in my high school years. CC and PTCC also have had bike accidents with PTCC’s being the worst since she lost her front teeth. I mention this because everyone I saw on the path had their helmet on. In FL you do not see adults wearing helmets. Most of the time CC and I get weird looks when we are out biking as a family, because everyone knows the kids have to wear them but why would you as an adult??

The bike path was nice and paved once you leave the park property. It does have some inclines and fronts the interstates but is a nice path overall. At mile 1 there is a parking area to access the trail and every ½ mile and mile is marked by signs. I only went about 2 miles out because I did not want to leave PTCC alone too long so I turned around and went back. Good thing I did because about 20 minutes after getting back thunderstorms rolled in with lightning.

So we spent most of the day on the computer and reading about Yellowstone so we know what to do when we get there.

At 4 pm PTCC wants to go swimming so we head to the clubhouse and she goes in. I tried to sit outside but it was windy and cool so I watched her inside the laundry room that has a nice big window overlooking the pool. The pool is heated and salt water so she stays in about 45 minutes, but gets cold when she gets out.

We head back to the RV and LCC takes a nap while PTCC goes back to the clubhouse to use the computers there. In the afternoon the wi-fi seems to get real slow and it’s hit or miss if you can get on or not. So I make sure she does her schoolwork in the mornings when the reception is better.

CC calls and tells us about his day and we do the same. It feels like he went on a business trip and is away for awhile (but it’s really us that are gone-seems strange).

Tomorrow we will head downtown Salt Lake City and see what’s there.

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