May 16, 2010 Day 26 Want to See Mine?

Today I let PTCC sleep as late as she wants, so she does until 9am. Yesterday we were considering the idea of going snow skiing at Snowbird. They are open Fri, Sat, Sun until Memorial Day. But after we looked at the price of a ticket ($69) and the cost of boots, skis, and poles. It didn’t add up when I found out they would only be open to 2pm and ½ the mountain was inaccessible. PTCC also thought it might be too icy for her. But it would have been cool to say I skied for my birthday this year.

So instead we decided to go to the Bingham Canyon Mine which is the largest copper mine in the world. It can be seen from outer space.They also mine other minerals but copper is the largest. We get going but Nuvi doesn’t put me on the interstate, instead I’m driving down Redwood Rd which is very industrial and doesn’t feel too good to me. It keeps routing me on these small roads and I wonder if we’ll ever get there. It didn’t help that Nuvi wouldn’t accept the Mine address so I put a generic one in. Well we get to a cross road and I still can’t get the Mine to come up so I call CC to have him Google it for me. He has to call me back since he was actually doing chores. At least I know everything is being taken care of back home. So CC tries to help us get to the Mine and PTCC says he has to say everything just like the Nuvi does. He helps us get to a very desolate looking area that we determine is the mine because the mountain is orange instead of brown. A guard greets us with “$5 per car” instead of “hello”. We have to drive 4 miles straight up the mountain to get to the visitors center. We finally get there and see the big pit. We go into the visitors center and check out the displays. I didn’t know that Kennecott had their hand in so many things in our homes and lives. Almost everything you use on a daily basis has passed through this company somewhere. They also made the Olympic Medals for the 2002 Winter Games. We finish looking at the displays inside and then walk outside to the pit overview. This area used to be a very large mountain. Now it is a mountain in reverse down into the ground. There are people working even on a Sunday. I think I read that it is in operation 24/7 whenever weather permits.

We then go to the gift shop and look around. It was tight because a tour bus had gotten to the Mine just before us so the shop was crowded. We looked around and got a small charm and a copper postcard.

We then had lunch in our car as there was no place to picnic and started back down the mountain. We had let CC go earlier so I was hopeful we could find our way back since we had a definite address to go to. Once again we were routed through odd places on the way back. But we did make it finally.

After putting everything back in the RV we are going to Walmart to pick up our pics from last Monday and get my birthday cheesecake. After shopping I tried Nuvi again and it wanted me to go on a side street when I knew the I-15 would be faster. Then I remembered that I had set it on bicycle yesterday when we went to see the capitol and then walked to Temple Square. So I changed it back to car and it reset and took me on the interstate finally. That’s good because tomorrow we are going to a cave down south and I want to take I-15 South so hopefully this has fixed it.

PTCC goes to the computer area when we get back and I fix some meals for the future and then go to the clubhouse as well. We print my reviews so I can put them in our camping book for future reference. Then PTCC changes and we go out to the pool. As I’m sitting there CC calls for his nightly check in. He tells me that our Sunday School class wanted to call me early this morning and sing “Happy Birthday” to me. Little do they know I planned to be away on purpose so they wouldn’t this year (ha, ha). PTCC has to share the pool with 2 others today. It felt very nice outside even though it was only 72 degrees. The sun felt hot and the water was warm. We enjoyed it until 5:45 pm when the managers tell us the pool closes at 6 pm. So we pack it in and PTCC goes to get her shower while I prepare dinner for us. It will probably be a quiet evening tonight because tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m sure we’ll party all night long.

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