June 10, 2010 Day 50 We Get Ready To Leave NE

I got up early after the Weather Radio went off at 6:45 am. Thunderstorms are coming. So I got up and had breakfast and my coffee, then got dressed and started putting everything away that was outside. I grabbed our name sign and put it into the bin and stored my chair. Then I had to clean off the outside lights from the mud and store them. The only thing left is the bikes, but I will let CC handle them.

PTCC gets up early since the weather radio was on her side of the bed she was sharing with me and I made her turn it off. I must have sat wrong in my reading chair the other day because my upper back is really sore right now, it feels like I pulled something but I know I didn’t.

Right around 10 am it starts to pour so it looks like an inside day for us for awhile. PTCC wants to watch a movie so I said sure. Only she wants to watch one we’ve seen before but I veto that and suggest a new one. SO we end up watching Because of Winn Dixie. It was the perfect length because when it was finished the rain had stopped and we had lunch. PTCC then took off for the lodge and computer time and I finished cleaning up and getting stuff ready for us to leave tomorrow.

When I was done I took a walk around the 2 campgrounds and noticed that a lot of the sites have standing water (mud) in them. There were only 5 rigs in the reserved section of Little Creek. I tried to talk to the host over there but he brushed me off. So much for Mid western hospitality. The host in our campground has never said boo to us either.

When I got back PTCC was sitting on the picnic table waiting for me. I told her I was going to the lodge to check my email but she wanted to stay and watch TV, so I left without her.

About 4 pm we leave to go to Cabelas to check it out. We have Bass Pro but not a Cabelas at home so I wanted to see the difference. They had a nice animal display in the center but it was much smaller than Bass Pro. Very nice aquariums though. Prices pretty similar too. While there CC texted me that he was sitting on the plane and ready to go.

Then we left to go to Camping World. CC wanted to try a new fan in the RV bath and had found one in Council Bluffs. I had also looked up an awning screen that I wanted and it looked like they had it there.

I was able to find the fan. There was only 1 and the box looked like it was open so I wanted to make sure I could return it in Orlando if everything wasn’t there. I asked about the awning screen but they don’t carry the size Ii want, I will have to order it online. When checking out I asked the cashier where we could eat and she told me near Lake Manawa which is where we need to go next anyway.

So we end up at Cracker Barrel and have the sugar cured ham which is mine and PTCC’s favorite meal. After eating and browsing we drive over to Walmart to do our shopping before we need to pick up CC at the airport.

We finish up our shopping and while checking out CC has texted he made it to STL but they don’t have a gate for them so they are sitting on the tarmac waiting for another plane to push back. We finish paying and load our stuff into the car and head to the airport. We get there about 7:56 pm and CC has texted that he has just left the gate in STL so he will be late. That’s ok the airport is supposed to have wifi so PTCC will be happy.

We get inside the terminal and find out that they roll the sidewalks up at 7:30 pm. Nothing but a bakery shop is still open. Everyone except security and a couple of gate agents have gone home. SO we grab some seats where we can see the arriving passengers and wait. It takes the board about 30 minutes to update with the right time. CC’s plane was supposed to be in at 8:40 pm but now will arrive at 9:10 pm. PTCC entertains herself by playing with her Ipod and listening to music.

Finally about 9:20 pm CC is walking up the hallway. He was first off the flight. We get into the car and head out but he takes a wrong turn somehow and we can’t get on the road we need, so we are driving around downtown Omaha in the dark. Nothing is going on down here at all. No nightlife. After driving around for 15-20 min we finally get on the Interstate going back to Mahoney SP.

It takes us about 30 minutes to get there. We unload CC’s stuff and the groceries and get ready for bed. CC goes out to load the bikes since it is supposed to rain tonight like all the others. So we should be ready to go as soon as we get up in the morning.

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