Catching Up – A Goofy start to the new year

Steve and Dad with Medals Steve and Wayne with medals

Well, Mr. CurbCrusher has let the site get a bit behind the times. So since half the year is gone, lets get some post in place and try and catch up. After our New Years camping trip, we packed up the RV for the long trip to Walt Disney World and the Fort Wilderness campground. This is our umpteenth trip to Fort Wilderness, but this time was a bit of a special trip, a fitness trip if will.

First the cast of characters was expanded for the trip. In addition to Lady, Little and Mr. CurbCrusher, we had Grandmother and Grandfather CurbCrusher, Uncle CurbCrusher 1 and Aunt CurbCrusher 1 and Uncle CurbCrusher 2 and Aunt CurbCrusher 2. And everyone was doing some sort of activity during the Disney Marathon weekend.

ESPN Globe

We started our weekend out with a trip to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Everyone had to pick up their packets for the races, and of course look around the exhibit hall. There were three races happening starting Friday morning with the Fiesta 5K, the half-marathon on Saturday and the full marathon Sunday. For those with a special need to abuse themselves, Run Disney sells a race package called the Goofy, which includes running the half-marathon and the full marathon. So our lineup for the weekend was:
Fiesta 5K – Lady CurbCrusher, Little CurbCrusher, Grandmother CurbCrusher, Aunt and Uncle CurbCrusher 1
Half-marathon – Mr. CurbCrusher, Grandfather CurbCrusher, Aunt and Uncle CurbCrusher 2
Marathon – Mr. CurbCrusher and Uncle CurbCrusher 2

Family 5Kers with their medallions
So Friday morning we were all up early and headed to the 5K. Because CurbCrusher is just downright awful at finding people running and taking pictures, there are no pictures of the 5K runners at finish line. There is however, this fine photo of the group after the race with their medallions.

curbcrusher - View my '2012 Disney Half Marathon' set on Flickr

Saturday morning, the runners all got up early and headed over to the half-marathon start. For the first time ever, CurbCrusher carried a camera on the run, and got pictures of the stuff that went on during the race. Mr. CurbCrusher and his dad, Grandfather CurbCrusher, ran together, and Aunt and Uncle CurbCrusher 2 ran together. When originally planned, it was supposed to be Grandfather CurbCrusher’s first half marathon. However the trip to Pensacola for the Blue Angels air show had come up and we had all run the half marathon there. So three weeks before his 70th birthday, Grandfather CurbCrusher ran his second half-marathon with is son, CurbCrusher. It provided a nice three hours of father/son time and we all survived.

curbcrusher - View my '2012 Disney  Marathon' set on Flickr

Sunday morning and two of us, Mr. CurbCrusher and Uncle CurbCrusher 2, are up early to go running again. Since carrying a camera had worked so well for the half-marathon, I decided to carry one for the full marathon too. If you click through above on the Flickr set, I got photos of most all the mile markers and some of the folks along the way. Another six hours of running, this time with my uncle, and we were done. Officially Goofy.

Everyone hung around Fort Wilderness until Monday and we had a great family visit, with lots of rest, and eating. After running 39.3 miles, eating is important.

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