Hilton Waikoloa Village

Ok, a review as promised.

We spent the week we were in Hawaii on the Big Island at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort. This is a very nice place, if it wasn’t for Hilton Honors points, we wouldn’t be staying there. We’re just too cheap to pay $300 a night for a hotel room.

The Place

The place is cool, located on the north west part of the island, about 20 miles from the airport at Kona. There are three pools and a lagoon. One pool, located in the Ocean Tower is a regular size pool. The other two are huge. One of the big pools, the one with the big water slide, the rope bridge across it, hot tubs, caves and water falls was closed. The other pool with a couple of small slides and one bigger water slide and sort of like a lazy river was open. Needless to say the closed pool was a big disappointment, as Hilton was not making people aware of the fact that half the pool capacity of the resort was out of service until your arrived. The lagoon is nice, lots of fish and sea turtles that swim in and out of it during the day.

There are four or five actual “towers” that contains the rooms guest stay in. To get around, there is a train that runs the length of the resort, and boat shuttles. It makes for a quaint and pleasant setting, but when your ready to leave the hotel to go do something elsewhere, it means that it can take 15 – 20 minutes to get to your car.

There are a number of restaurants on the property. They all have one thing in common, there are outrageously expensive. A grilled cheese sandwich for a kid is $8.00. All in all it means that you look for other places to eat while you are there.

If your room faces the ocean, you can sit on your balcony and watch the whales. Or, you can walk down along the shore and lay in a hammock and enjoy the sunset.

All in all a very relaxing place to spend a week.

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