Fifth Wheel Sold!

Well, its official. Checks cleared and everything. The sale on the 5th wheel is final. Just for the record, and to share my experience with the selling of the unit, here’s what happened.


I advertised in five places

  1. Created a web page at
  2. Placed an add in the RV trader
  3. Placed a flyer (copy of the web page in (1)) at the campground where we store the RV.
  4. Placed a flyer at the Credit Union.
  5. For sale signs on the unit itself

I choose this method after talking to someone that had sold a 5th wheel about two years ago, and they said the ads in the local paper were worthless, and they had sold via the RV trader.

I ended up selling to a snowbird living at the campground who saw the flyer there. The trailer will probably never leave the campground again, as this guy and his wife live from Oct – Mar at the campground, and then store their rig here while they head back up north for the summer.

Of the other advertising, I got a total of three calls from the RV Trader. One the first week it was out, and then two when I renewed the ad for a second run. No one responded because of the web site or the flyer at the credit union.

That means we can start on buying the motorhome.

I’ll track the purchase of the motorhome so that people can maybe benefit from my experience there also.

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