Buying a Motohome – Step 2

So, we know what we want, we just want the best deal. So here’s how we’re approaching the purchase of our new motorhome.

I got a copy of the options sheet for an Itasca 35J, and we filled out all the options that we want. The option sheet also list the MSRP for the base coach, and the cost of all the options. That means we know what MSRP is for the coach we want.

I took that list of options and put it into a form type letter and faxed it to three dealers: The “number one” Winnebago/Itasca” dealer in the country (Lazydays); The “number two” Itasca dealer in the country (Lewis RV); and the closest Itasca dealer to my house (Suncoast RV).

Now we sit back and wait and see what kind of response that we get.

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