Washington, DC

We spent a day and a half roaming around before CurbCrusher had to go to work. After returning from Monticello, we returned the rental car at National Airport and took a cab into the Hampton Inn Convention Center hotel. The cab pricing is almost humorus. In DC cabs don’t have meters, instead you are charged based on the “zones” that you cover. So from National to the Convention Center is listed at $13.00. But, there is a $1.50 per person charge for all people over one, a $1.75 airport fee, and another $1.50 for a gas surcharge. That means the cab trip is $19.25 before you tip the guy for a $13.00 cab ride.

Once checked in, we hit the sidewalk. We walked down 7th Street to Pennsylvania Avenue. Made a right and walked to the White House. Some pictures, and then across Constitution Avenue toward the Washington Monument. When we got to the WWII memorial, we looked around it, and the headed down by the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial. After visiting Abe, we walked over to the Korean War Memorial. Back along the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument. Then on to the Smithsonian Metro stop and trip back up to the Metro station near the hotel.

The next day started out a bit differently. Lady CurbCrusher and Little CurbCrushser packed up and headed out to do some sightseeing, and I headed over to the Convention Center to set up a show booth. After lunch I headed to the Mall and found them around the Washington Monument at the Girl Scout Sing.

We participated in the sing for awhile, then headed off to the other side of the tidal basin to the Jefferson Memorial. We then went back across the bridge, and visited the Holocaust Museum. We were lucky enough to have shown up at around 1530, and were able to get tour tickets for 1615. That pretty much took up the rest of the day.

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