Salt Spring Recreation Area

The Curbcrushers were on the road again last weekend, off to one of our favorite campgrounds in the Ocala National Forest, the Salt Springs Recreation Area. This is a campground with full hookup that is about 90 miles north of the house, and sits between Ocala in the west and Ormond Beach in the east. The campground is clean and large, with lots of room at your site. It is a great place to go in the heat of the summer as there is a fresh water mineral spring that you can swim in. The water in the spring stays about 72 all year round, so it makes for a refreshing swim on a hot day.
We were once again camping with the Florida Pop-Up Campers. That means good food and good company. We had the traditional meet & greet on Friday night, with some great deserts. I was particularly fond of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, they just sound healthy. This was followed by a great feasting on traditional cook-out food, hamburgers and hot dogs on Saturday. The really great part was the there were three new families joining the group for the first time.
The Curbcrushers tried out a new toy this trip, a screen room. We’ve had a couple of those quick-up sun shades (the kind that collapse down into a carrying package) for the last few years. Mrs. Curbcrusher found an add on screen for these at Basically it is a set of screen panels that hook onto the frame that supports the canopy, and then tuck up under the canopy. It worked pretty well, we say out both nights in it and didn’t get bug bit near as much as we did when we were outside the screen room.

Pictures of the trip are here.

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