Rock City

Our final stop on the tour of Lookout Mountain sites was Rock City. This is the place of “See Rock City” fame, and once again classifies as one of the “Original American Theme Parks” in CurbCrushers book. Once again, the sign of a classic, Free Parking.

Rock City is an attraction that grew out of an individuals garden at one point. There are a number of natural rock formations that you walk through. It is very much of a self-guided tour. There is pretty much one way through the park, and you just follow the signs and walk through. Little CurbCrusher’s two favorite places were, Needles Eye and Fat Man’s Squeeze, where the rocks get very narrow and short. Everyone enjoyed the Swing-A-Long Bridge, and the waterfall on the side of the mountain. The final thing you walk through is a cavern that re-creates scenes from fairy tales and Mother Goose.

It took about an hour and a half to walk through the gardens. Everyone enjoyed the trip. This is a garden, so there are various botanical features throughout the park. However, the CurbCrushers visited in September, the fall, not spring time, so there were not a lot of blooms and color coming from the plants. We all imagined that this would be a really pretty place to visit in the springtime. Little CurbCrusher enjoyed her trip to Rock City so much that she wanted to visit again the next day.

Pictures can be found here.

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