Fort Wilderness (Disney)

Well, another weekend another camping trip. The CurbCrusher’s loaded up and made the 35 minute drive to Disney World on Friday (Sept 21). Nothing but a reason to live in the motorhome for the weekend. We lazed around the campground, wandered over to Downtown Disney.

There’s not a lot to say about Ft. Wilderness other than “Disney.” It is located a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom and a bus ride away from Epcot and MGM Studios. In addition, there’s all the other Disney attractions: water parks, hotel pool jumping and more. Every night there is a “campfire” in the meadows at the campground and Chip and Dale come out to play. Then they show a movie on the screen. Think of it like a drive in movie (for those old enough to remember them) without the drive in part.

The sites we’ve always had have been full hookup (water, sewer and electric) and Little CurbCrusher always has a good time, even if we don’t go to the parks. There is a large pool at the campground, and playgrounds scattered around the whole park. The rates can get expensive, that’s why we only go when we can get a “Florida Resident” rate that is just outlandish as opposed to exorbitant.

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