Stooges (Orlando, FL)

Well, after the last meal at Mama Nems’, it was time for a letdown. Lady CurbCrusher and I usually head out for dinner on Wednesday night when Little CurbCrusher heads to the children’s program at church. We had spotted a new wing place on the northwest corner of Conway and Hoffner on the east side of Orlando, in the old location of Conway Bar-B-Q.

So a wing place, this should be easy. We go in and order 20 wings, mild and some curly fries. Since this is a wing place, you’d expect to be eating in about 10 minutes. Well, 25 minutes later the waitress delivers 20 wings absolutely soaked in sauce. One bite and Lady CurbCrusher is tearing up. She doesn’t care for real spicy food. These are not mild wings, not super hot, but mild wings shouldn’t have a bite to them. In addition, they are very hard, like the spent too long in the fryer. The same is true of the curly fries. The waitress came back over and asked how things were, so we told her. She offered to replace half the wings with ones without sauce for Lady CurbCrusher. Another 25 minutes, and Lady CurbCrusher was delivered ten wings that could be used to pound nails. They aren’t spicy, but they seemed to have spent the entire 25 minutes in the fryer.

All in all we were disappointed. The food didn’t taste good, and service was very slow.


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  1. Hey I tried Stooges out and had a completely different experience with the food, but the service was on the slow side. It is my understanding that this is the a first time restaurant owner and they were/are working out the kinks and getting a new staff trained(no excuses right). I just wanted to give them an at-a-boy on the wings. They are on the harder side, but if you have ever had double fried wings, that is how they come. It is because they are frying them with the sauce on them and re-dipping and frying again then applying more sauce then served. I thought they were right on. They were willing to do any combination that I could come up with, my favorite being the hot garlic. Any how give them a chance, they also have outstanding CHEESESTEAK and Loaded Fries(Not for the weak at heart). Service is a little on the slow side but the food was worth the wait.

  2. I thought the food was pretty good. they had a good variety of food including wraps sandwiches, and of course wings. their drink specials were also very good. Ive been a few times and definiately like it. and i agree, the loaded fries are great!

  3. My experience at Stooges was a good one. The wings were served just right to my taste. I like them extra crispy, it gives them an added flavor that you can only find in true Buffalo Wings (not the baked or grilled wings). The fries were normal fries. I have to agree with the cheese steak sandwich, it was mixed with just the right amount of American Cheese. I enjoyed my experience there and will definitely go back. I will have to try the Loaded Fries on my next visit. I would recommend you try this restaurant for your self.

  4. Looks like we were right about Stooges. They are now closed probably because they had such GOOD wings…NOT! If people really liked them then they would have patronized them more. Most people probably did what we did-avoid them completely! YUCK

  5. I was a frequant customer of Stooges Wings I work for City Beverage and we loved eating there. I loved the Cheese Steak and the Wings were amazing.I will truly miss stooges and I know I am not the only one

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