Jetty Park, Port Canaveral Florida

The CurbCrushers took a weekend to go to the beach…. again. Actually Mr. CurbCrusher is beached out, but we’ve got two more beach trips planned this summer. The latest trip was over to Jetty Park at Port Canaveral the weekend of June 14th (Father’s Day weekend). Jetty Park is located about 45 miles from Orlando, where State Road 528 pretty much runs in to the Atlantic. That made this a nice trip, no need to put $4.00 gas into the motorhome.

As noted the campground is located at Port Canaveral. There are about 130 sites with varying degrees of service, but all with grills. Some have concrete pads, some have full hookup, there’s a bunch of water-electric and about 20 that are water only. In addition, there are probably about 50 tent sites located in three concentrations throughout the campground. The 20 water only sites are located just south of the inlet, and overlook the water. The rest of the RV sites are located a little further south. The closest sites to the beach are located about 30 yards from the boardwalk, and the campground stretches back to the west about a half mile or so. There are two dump stations, and a camp store. The sites really vary around the campground. The CurbCrushers had a site near the registration and store with full hookup. We had a concrete pad, and it was fairly level and not too close to our neighbors and no shade. Just across from us though, the sites did not have pads, and they looked to be less level, but offered more shade. One thing to note if you camp here is that the water is more haphazardly placed than the sewer (if you have it) and electricity. We shared our water with the campsite on our right, and the spigot was at the front of the campsite, so it took two hoses to reach the city water inlet on the back left of the rig. Walking around the campground this seemed to be a common theme. One should also note that some sites seem very close together, while others seem of offer large spaces.

While we enjoyed our weekend at the beach, we did comment that this is one of the dirtiest campgrounds that we’ve been to. There was litter everywhere, cigarette butts, juice envelopes, cans, paper, just about anything you can think of. This was very discouraging to Little CurbCrusher, as one of her jobs on departure morning is to pick up trash around the campsite. Her bag was full, and we hadn’t spent hardly any time outside at the rig. Obviously a number of people visit here and don’t follow the “leave only your footprints” mantra.

Not a lot was going on while we were there. The Space Shuttle landed, but came in from the north (it landed on runway 15) so we didn’t get to see it. Some of the people that had driven into the park to watch said that when the shuttle lands from south (landing on runway 33), it passes right over the park. There was only one cruise ship that departed during our stay, a Carnival ship, and it sailed on Saturday afternoon. Little CurbCrusher and I walked over to the inlet and waved at all the people on the ship. The casino cruises come and go, but they don’t fill up the channel like that big cruise ship does. We were asleep Sunday morning, so we missed the arrival of the Disney and Royal Caribbean ships.

Pictures from the trip are here.

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