4 H day at the Capitol- Day 2

Our 4H day at the capitol starts early at 6:30 am with the alarm clock waking PTCC up. LCC has been up since 5 am typing her blog. We have a quick breakfast in the room, take a shower, brush teeth and we are on our way. I set the Nuvi to find the art museum because that is right next to the parking garage we want. Nuvi fails me again by telling me to turn on Pensacola St but the street’s name is Jefferson until it jigs so I missed it. I hate Nuvi! We finally get parked and a real nice lady helps us to orient ourselves to find the capitol. We meet up with CC’s cousin and her son who is a reigning member of the 4H State Council. We take pics and send them by text to CC so he can see them too. We finally find some more Orange Co. people so we hang with them all day. Our extension agent did not show up though he said he was going.


1st stop is to listen to the opening ceremonies on the Old Capitol’s steps. Then our group was off to the Florida history museum. We did an Amazing Race type of whirlwind scavenger hunt that we only got 25 minutes to complete. Then it was off to the Black Archives at the Union Bank building. This part was actually pretty boring for me. We had to sit in chairs and listen to somebody talk. I like a little more movement. Also you could tell the woman really wanted to read us a story about the great inventions of black people and played coy with the audience until she got them to agree to listen to her story. I could have done without that. Then it was off to the FL Vietnam Vet memorial where we found CC’s uncle’s name engraved on it. We also found 2 people with our last name but do not think they are relations that we know of. Then it was back to the Plaza for lunch.(Photos here)


After lunch we got to listen to a press conference that was all about 4H and the next year’s budget. I think 4H survived without too many hits. Then it was off to our tour of the Old Capitol. We looked at everything and were done in about 20 minutes then found out that DEP canceled their portion of the day so we had more time in the Old Capitol. After that we went across the square to the New Capitol to hopefully see the legislature in session. First we went to the 5th floor and were denied entry because there wasn’t enough room for our group. Then we went up to the 22nd floor to look out at the view. 30 minutes later we try the 5th floor again. The House didn’t have room for us but we were able to view the Senate in action for only 10 minutes. Just as it was getting interesting and we were understanding what was going on we had to go. Our guide lead us back to the Plaza and told us they would take a group photo at 4:30 pm. Most of our group left then. I found CC’s cousin and spoke to her for awhile then PTCC and I left as well. Nuvi got us home with only one mishap. We changed into swim suits and hit the pool. PTCC went in but it was too cold for LCC. She enjoyed soaking up the sun on the patio instead. Tonight we are staying in and hopefully sleeping in tomorrow.

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