May 31, 2010 Day 41 Today We Take a Rest

Today we sleep in late and have a pancake breakfast. Then I go to do laundry and read a book while PTCC plays and CC works on his photos. Then we meet for lunch and head to the pool and hot tub. Only today the tub isn’t hot and it is a little breezy but very sunny. So CC and I sit at the pool and read while PTCC hangs out in the lukewarm tub. Then we come back to the RV where PTCC takes a shower and CC and I talk to the guys next door. They mentioned a good place for dinner so we think we will try that today. PTCC comes out and we go up to the camp store for ice cream and then play ball in the field. This is where the day goes bad for her. I suggest we play h-o-r-s-e and the loser will have to clean the RV. Everyone agreed and it was a way to play together for awhile. So at first I’m ahead then PTCC catches up and CC is last. Then he catches up and passes PTCC and I, then he’s done and it is just PTCC and I. She gets ahead of me then I catch up and finally I pass her and I’m out. She starts screaming and crying like a banshee. What a bad sport she was being. Tears are running down her face and she won’t stop crying and screaming. CC and I are laughing at her. Imagine a 12 year old acting like such a spoiled brat.

We all come back to the RV and PTCC crawls under the picnic table and cries how she just wants to die here. CC and I ignore her and get to cleaning up the RV. We were always going to help but we knew if she won she wouldn’t have helped at all. She’s becoming real spoiled lately. So after her conniption fit she comes inside and starts to clean. After we are done (it took a total of 25 minutes to do everything) she said it wasn’t so bad after all. Go figure!. I told her I was putting this into the blog so everyone can read how juvenile she acted.

After cleaning we played around on the computers for awhile and then went into Custer to the Purple Pie for dinner. They were running a special for a sandwich, side and a slice a pie for $7.50, so we ordered that and enjoyed our meals.

We came back and took a walk along the George Michelson trail that was an old railroad line. The temperature was getting nippy so we walked back to the campsite. CC checked all the tires and fluids so we are good to go tomorrow. I think we are trying to get to Mitchell so we have 2 days of 350 miles each instead of 1 really long push to Omaha.

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