June 6, 2010 Day 46 Shopping and Another Play

After getting a good night’s sleep last night, I woke up very refreshed. I let PTCC sleep as late as she wanted to since we didn’t really have too much planned for today. Our big thing is to get out of the park until after 2 pm when all the campers are leaving. SO we eventually move down the road to the Western Trails center again so I can put the real stamps in my book and then since PTCC noticed a JCPenney across the street the other day we stop in and go shopping. This is her new favorite store. They must have just opened it because it’s not completely stocked yet. She browsed around and found some tops and shorts and I get a purse since mine is literally peeling apart by now. Probably comes from shoving all my and everyone else’s stuff in it.

After JCP we need gas so we head back to the Walmart/Sam’s Club we found the other day and fill up. Gasp! We did not go in. PTCC wanted to go in Sam’s for the food samples but I said no we need to move on.

We set the GPS for the Golden Spike Monument. I can’t believe CC didn’t want to stop here the other day. It took all of 5 minutes to see when we finally got there. It sits across form a neighborhood in a patch of grass with a small sign board in front of it. I really thought it would have gold paint but it was just yellow paint. It’s about 56 ft tall and shaped like a RR spike made out of concrete. Kinda looks like one of those roadside attractions, but in the middle of nowhere. If you don’t know where to look you won’t find it. Well we’ve had enough of going back and forth from NE to IA today so we head back to Mahoney.

We get there in time for PTCC to finish up her Jr Naturalist with a class on horses and one on mammals. She’s then awarded her Jr Naturalist badge and her picture is hung in the craft center. There are still other classes she might take later in the week if we don’t have anything else to do. We have bought tickets to the 3 pm show of Miss Twain’s Train Troubles at the theater. So we get there a few minutes early and PTCC goes to the playground next door. Her greatest joy right now is to find someone who will push the merry-go-round until she is dizzy. I’m not that person so she finds someone else.

At 3 pm we go in to see the melodrama. The audience is very different this time. Last time it was young families and a GS troop. Today it is senior citizens mostly. They don’t yell nearly as loud as the kids do but we still have fun during the show. The last one we can see is on Tuesday so hopefully we can make that one as well.

We come back and cook dinner then hit the showers and walk over to the marina for ice cream and to feed the turtles, fish and geese our old bread. Then up to the lodge to use the wi-fi since the one in the campground and ours don’t work.

There are only 5 others camping in our loop and only 2 of them are staying as long as we are, so hopefully it will be a quiet week for us when we are there.

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