June 8, 2010 Day 48 We Take a Bike Ride

It would be so nice if anyone who reads this blog would actually post a comment now and then. Even if they just post to dish me. That way I would know if anyone out there is actually reading it.

Well today we sleep a little late. It started storming at 3 am and didn’t finish until 7 am. So our site is once again under water (well, mud really). PTCC didn’t want to do any of the early Jr Naturalist programs so we waited until almost 11 am to go to the slingshot class. This time we decided to ride our bikes there. We aren’t used to riding up and down hills so much so we were really working to get there. But we made it in time. We got a new girl that had never taught one of the classes before. She usually works at the stables. It wasn’t much of a class, she gave us the slingshots and some beans and hung up the targets on a fence and told us to go at it. So we did for about 15 minutes.. I made a bet with PTCC that whoever hit the target first, the other would buy the ice cream. I won after a few minutes but PTCC wouldn’t admit it. She really is a poor sport.

After we finished with the slingshots we biked some more to get to the miniature golf course. They have a really nice course, as well as a driving range for real golfers. We didn’t keep score but PTCC was getting frustrated because I hit 2 holes in one during the game and she was having a hard time getting the ball into the hole. She kept chipping it off the tee pad into the grass. She improved during the game and finally got a hole in 1 on the last hole but her attitude didn’t improve.

We biked back and had lunch and then she went off to the lodge to do Spanish and surf the web while I sat outside and read a book. After an hour she came back and just watched TV until dinner. I think one of her friends is supposed to call her this afternoon, so if that happens she’ll be OK for awhile.

After dinner we take our last showers in the bath house. Tomorrow we will shower in the RV to load grey water. After the shower we sat on the marina dock and had our ice creams. It really is nice this time of day to sit here and watch the geese swim by. After that it’s off to the lodge to post this and let PTCC surf the web. I think I will try to have a fire when I get back to the RV. We won’t be able to have one tomorrow because we will be seeing the last play, and on Thursday CC comes back at night and we have to fetch him home. So I think I will take advantage of the nice weather tonight to have our last fire here.

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