June 17 Day 57 — HOME!!!!

Well, we made it home 57 days after starting. Of course I got a couple of quick trips home over the course of the trip, but Lady and Little CurbCrusher slept in their own beds for the first time in two months.

We slept a bit late, and left Cloudland Canyon around 930 in the morning. We headed east on GA-136 until we got to LaFayette, Ga. where we headed south on US-27. I had intended to follow US-27 to just south of Columbus and then head over to Tifton on US-280 and US-82 through Albany, and thus avoid Atlanta. When we crossed I-20 there was a mini mutiny, where my passengers insisted that we should take the fastest way home. The compromise ended up being to use US-27ALT from Carrolton to Newnan, then follow GA-16 over to I-75. It took about four hours to go from Cloudland Canyon to I-75, and we covered about 200 miles. I was pleased with avoidance of Atlanta, but I think my passengers thought I was taking them on a scenic trip, and they just wanted to get home.

Down I-75, we crossed back into our native state, Florida. Then onto the turnpike and down to Orlando. It took us 12 hours to make the trip from Cloudland Canyon, comparable to our 11 hour trip from three years ago. So, the final leg of our trip is complete. We traveled 6,862.4 miles in the motorhome and made a big loop pretty much all the way across the country. A wonderful trip, and we’ll probably put some more thoughts about it in some future post. Right now we have an RV to clean up.

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