Ft. Wilderness (again) in the Christmas Season

Campsites with Christmas decorations
So after spending Halloween at Ft. Wilderness, then a wonderful trip to James Island, what’s the CurbCrusher family to do during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Go back to Ft. Wilderness. This has the advantage of being a short drive from CurbCrusher abode, so it takes less than 10 gallons of gas to move the RV to the most magical place on earth, and it is the Christmas season, so the campsites are almost as decorated as Halloween.

Not a lot new at the Fort in the intervening month and a half. They still don’t know how to check people in quickly, and basically its just a change of decorations. Of course the campers at Ft. Wilderness know how to decorate, so there are a whole lot of RV sites decorated way beyond what one sees in a normal neighborhood. In addition, what’s a trip to Ft. Wilderness without a golf cart parade. While it was not “formal” and sponsored by the Fort, we ran across the “informal” parade of about 40 decorated golf carts while we were “looping.” Note that “looping” seems to be the official jargon of those that frequent the Fort for riding around campground loops in your golf cart.

That’s right, I said riding around in your golf cart. The CurbCrusher family decided that they would splurge and get a golf cart this trip to see what it was like. As I noted in the Halloween trip report, one of the great things about driving a golf cart at the Fort is that you don’t have to do all those pesky rules of the road like yielding to pedestrians and observing annoying traffic signs like one-way and stop. We rented our cart from a guy named Kenny that Lady CurbCrusher found on the forum at fortfiends.net, a snarky bunch of folks that know pretty much everything there is to know about camping at Disney. The hint to rent from Kenny was worth it, his price for two days of golf cart rental was about what Disney charges for a single day. He dropped the cart off and picked it up from us, so it was fairly hassle free.

All in all a great and relaxing weekend. All of our photos are here.

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