Fort-tastic Halloween

Decorated Campsite

It’s Halloween again, and the CurbCrushers are headed to Fort Wilderness, the Disney campground experience. We’ve spent the last couple of years at “the Fort” for Halloween, and decided that this year would be no different. Lady and Little CurbCrusher headed out early, while I worked a few more hours so that we could afford the gas in the motorhome for the 26 mile trip. Since they went out around 9:30am, they experienced something we’d never seen before, no line at the gate. Of course it still took 20 minutes to check-in, but hey you didn’t have to wait for a bunch of folks.

Of course they had an ulterior motive for heading out early, a short trip to the Magic Kingdom. They took the boat over to the Magic Kingdom and rode a couple of rides and wandered around the shops until I arrived around 1:30. After getting the motorhome parked, we headed over to EPCOT to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival one last time before our passes expired. We had planned to stay until the fireworks, but after eating our way around the world, we headed back to Fort Wilderness around dark. We made two or three trips to EPCOT for the Food and Wine Festival this year, and all the Food and Wine pics can be found here.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT at night Pork Kakuni Wine Lemon Chiffon - White Chocolate Macadamia Mouse - Tres Leches Verrine

Piano Bob at Riverside Port Orleans
Back at Fort Wilderness, we had dinner and then wandered over to the Port Orleans Riverside resort to see Piano Bob. Lady CurbCrusher had read about Piano Bob on another website, and thought we should go visit. Bob does a good show, he interacts with the audience, and sings “old people” music according to Little CurbCrusher. However, we all had a good time. I don’t know if I could take Bob every night, but its probably a good once a year show to catch. The service is so bad in the lounge, that the show turns out to be free. If you can find a waiter, you can order drinks, but we had a hard time getting the attention of the two guys working the room. We ordered something to drink twice, and the second time it took about 40 minutes to have them served. So, take a bottle of water, go and enjoy the show.

Site 1219 We started the next day out decorating our site. As you see to the left, its not really a lot of decorating, compared with what some of the folks do (see below), but we put out a few things and tried and get into the spirit of the holiday. We spent the rest of the day wandering around the Fort, and ended the day with a Giddy-up-and-go package from the food place down near the marina. This is basically like visiting a KFC, Disney style. The day ended with a friend of Little CurbCrusher’s showing up to spend the rest of the weekend, and Halloween with us.

Decorated Campsite Decorated Campsite Decorated Campsite Decorated Campsite Decorated Campsite

Two big things happen at the Fort over Halloween, the Golf cart parade and the trick-or-treating. There are a number of activities that take place, and rather than writing all about them, I’ll just illustrate them below.

Pumpkin Carving Contest - Pirate Ship

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Alice in Wonderland table Golf Cart in the Parade Tow Mater Golf Cart in the Parade
Pirate Ship Golf Cart in Parade The Mystery Machine Golf Cart in the Parade

Golf Cart Parade

Pet Parade Pet Parade

The Pet Parade

Kelsea and Jamie getting candy from train

Trick or Treating Candy delivered by train

Needless to say we all had a great time at Fort Wilderness. We were up early the day after Halloween and packed for the long 26 mile trip home. To see all the photos we took at the Fort, visit the CurbCrusher PhotoStream on Flickr.

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