Australia – New Zealand Day 9 – Cairns to Auckland

[ Ok, I got tired of putting “College Bound CurbCrusher” in all the places for our daughter. So, since the Eagle is the mascott of the university she is headed to, I’m going to start using Eaglet as her nickname in the blog.]

Today was an easy day. CurbCrusher got up and went for a run along the quay. He said he didn’t go far only a mile or so. [I ran a total of 3.2 miles, it was all in the rain, and I was very wet when done, but my Garmin Connect account now has a run in Cairns on it.] Eaglet and I just relaxed and got ready to leave. After he came back and showered we got all packed up and left for Cairns airport. We did well checking in until Passport/Customs when CurbCrusher got stopped. They weren’t able to read his passport on the computer. They said after they tried for 15 min that his passport picture page was printed off center and the numbers don’t align the way they need to for the scanner to work. Our flight was good [and about 4 hours long] and on time. There was a good stir fry meal on board. Lots of movies, music, etc on Air New Zealand.

When we landed we went through the self-op customs kiosk again. These are nice as you scan your passport and they take a picture of you and if you have no declarations you can go. Unfortunately Eaglet was carrying crystallized honey and they won’t let you in with it in New Zealand. So she had to give it up and we got x-rayed then we could go. CurbCrusher changed some more US$ to NZ $ and we caught a cab to our next AirBNB on Federal St. near the harbor.

Interior of our Auckland Airbnb View from St Patricks Airbnb Windows

This one is a 1 bedroom with loft and has a combo washer/dryer but no microwave (as Eaglet discovered when she tried to netipot). We’re on the 6th floor with a great view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Auckland’s Sky Tower. We dropped our stuff off when Kate met us and showed us around the apartment. After learning the ends and outs of the apartment we left to find dinner after Kate sent us some suggestions. We ate at The Mexican Cafe on Victoria Street nearby and then came back to get showers and go to bed. It was the first time we had made it to our normal bedtime of 10:30.

Step count for the day – 9,383 (note this includes CurbCrusher’s morning run)

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