Back to Orlando

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 Back to Orlando

The hotel had a great breakfast which we partook of this morning. The weather was starting to change so we waited until about 830 am to leave to make a run by Byrd’s cookies since they weren’t open last night at City Market. One of my favorites wineries has a store there, Meinhardt, but it closes Sun-Tue so no good on this trip. So we get to Byrd’s and we are the first customers. The place looks so different from when we were there last. I guess the father sold out to the daughter and she has made lots of changes to the inside. Luckily not to the cookies though! After that we stopped in a Publix to see if they carried the Meinhardt wine like they do with local wines here but they didn’t.

So now it’s time to head South back to FL and try and beat the weather on the way. Most of the trip we were successful but we did get wet a few times. Made it home by 230 pm and called the dog sitter to get our puppy back. Started laundry and sorted through the mail. Another trip has come to a close.

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