Turkey Lake Park

Or as it is officially named: The Bill Frederick Park and Pool at Turkey Lake. This is a city park located on the west side of Orlando, about 4 or 5 miles from Universal Studios. If you’re traveling north on the Turnpike, you can see the lake and the park off to the right after you go past the Turkey Lake Service Plaza.

This is a great little park with about 35 RV camping sites. The sites are concrete pads, and most are fairly shady. The city has a 30 day limit on camping, but even so there were a couple of “permanent” looking rigs there. The kind where people have so much stuff built around the rig (screen rooms, shade tents, boats, golf carts, mules, etc) that it looks like they are there permanently. Of the sites, there are about 18 that are full hook up with 50 amp service. The others offer water and electricity. There is a separate tent area closer to the cabins and the turnpike.

This is a city park, so there is a huge playground for kids. In addition, there is a fairly large pool, and a disc golf course. There is a “kids farm” on one side of the park. They are particular about telling you this is not a “petting farm.” There’s a stable with a couple of horses, a cow, a few chickens some goats and a hog in the farm. In addition, there are a number of pavilions that are close to the pool and playground. On both of our visits to this park, Saturday has been a busy day at the pavilions with catered parties and other activities.

I like the nature trail that puts you right along the Turnpike. I don’t know why, but I like walking along the trail looking at all the people driving by. Since there are two disc golf courses in the park, there is a lot of open area along the lake front. We found a couple of cool trees to climb, and had lunch in the shade of a huge live oak on Saturday. Sitting around the campground, we met three of our neighbors. Two retired judges, one working in Orlando for the week, and the other breaking in his new motor home. The other guy was a movie guy that was working over at Universal Studios and had found the park by accident. He was very happy with the park, as he only had about a five-ten minute commute to the sound stages.

Our pictures of the trip are here.

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