Beefy King

Location: Bumby near Livingston, across from the Colonial Plaza, Orlando, Florida

Rating: Good!

Visited: 5/22/07

Its been a while since I grabbed lunch at Beefy King, and I had almost forgotten about it. Due to circumstances at the office, an emergency trip to Staples was in order around lunch time. As we left the office somone asked, is there anyplace to eat around Staples. I thought for a second a then said “I know the perfect place.”

Beefy King is one of the last of a breed, a local fast food place. It’s not a chain, it’s just a family place that was started in the late 60’s and is still around. They server a “sliced meat” menu, beef, ham, turkey from a steam table where they make the sandwiches. For sides the standard is Tater Tots, but you can get onion rings also. They also make shakes here, if you get a flavored shake (chocolate, strawberry) they actually mix the thing up for you instead of just drawing it out of a machine. You get a fair size serving for the price, and it is tasty.
The place has character, its probably been a while since it was re-decorated, but it doesn’t need it. It is a timeless look that invites you to feel comfortable while you enjoy lunch. It definitely beats the chain fast food places in charm and quality of food. If you find yourself a little east of downtown Orlando around lunch, find Beefy King and have a sandwich.

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