Warranty Work – Chapter 3

So the CurbCrusher warranty saga continues. In the first two chapters (1,2) of this saga, we left the Itasca at Suncoast RV and they had a list of small issues to address. The problem issue being some paint that was coming off on the cargo bay doors on the passenger side. After lying to me about contacting Winnebago, and then finally agreeing to touch up the doors, we find ourselves trying to get the RV back for out trip this Friday.

First, let us revisit the original drop off and pick-up dates that were offered on the phone. We would drop the coach off on the 10th of December, they would do the paint work and other items and we would be able to pick it up on the 14th. Well on December 19th, K agreed to touch up the paint, and I told him I would either pick it up on the 21st, or the 26th. K had no problem with that. So the morning of the 26th I called over and asked when would be a good time for me to pick the coach up. K hesitated and said “I don’t think J’s done the paint yet.” So I told him I wanted to rig for a trip I was planning on leaving on Friday morning. K promised to call be at 8AM on Thursday and let me know when I could pick the coach up.

So, it’s 8:30 and I just called K since I hadn’t heard from him. Seems he still needs to talk to J to find out when the paint will be done. He has promised to call be back and let me know what time I can come over and pick up the coach. We’ll see.

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