Warranty Work – Final Chapter

Yay!! The motorhome is back sitting in front of the house, ready for a trip. K called back about an hour after we talked this morning, and said that it might be ready by 3 or 3:30. I told him that I wanted to leave on a trip in the morning, so I’d just plan on being over there are 4:00PM to pick it up.

I rolled into Suncoast around 3:45PM. It took about 30 minutes to get the paper work printed out, and the coach brought around front. They seem to have touched up the paint that was at issue, and the other items were all fixed also. They had even gotten the cameras in and installed the new cameras.

Final result is that Suncoast did all the work that we asked of them, and did it under warranty. That is all good, and they get and A for doing the work and appearing to have done it well. There is a “but.” They did lie when discussing the paint issue with me, and they were very wrong on their estimate of the time it would take to get this done. I gave them the unit at 8:00AM on December 10th and they had indicated that we’d have it back by the 14th. Today is the 27th, so they were 2 weeks off on delivery. So they get an F in that department. That all averages out to a grade of a C for the repair session, although one could argue that an Honor Court would fail them because of the lying.

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