Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites (San Diego)

Ok, its not a campground, but this has been one of my favorite places to stay over the past five to eight years. Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites is located in San Diego on Shelter Island. As I looked around my room I was wondering why. But I think it is one of those location, location, location things.

Shelter Island is a great place. It is located on the north side of San Diego’s bay, and has a public park that runs most of the length of the island. You can walk along the sidewalk the length of the island, look at the moored boats, see the Navy base across the bay, and watch all kinds of shipping pass by going in and out of the bay. It is a very peaceful and relaxing place to be. As a matter of fact, I took an afternoon run before going out to eat. There’s enough stuff to watch that you don’t even realized that your exercising. On the other side of the island there are a number of marinas that hold just about every kind of boat imaginable. Mostly sail boats. I love sitting in my room, or at the restaurant at breakfast and looking out at all the masts and boats. In addition, a short walk back to the mainland gives you a wide variety of eating options.

Humphrey’s itself is located right as you drive onto the island. The rooms decor is a little dated, as a matter of fact, full disclosure probably would require me to say that it is a lot dated. But, as I said the location is excellent. The hotel is built with a courtyard in the middle, and there is a large pool, a hot tub and a putting green located in this space. The area is well landscaped, and gives the feel of a tropical garden. All in all, it makes for a relaxing place to stay.

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