Red Sails Inn Restaurant (San Diego)

Ok, CurbCursher said he’d mention food when is made sense. And it makes sense here. As noted above, I was in San Diego, CA for a night and a day (oops, then it turned into another night). Just as you get onto Shelter Island is a restaurant, the Red Sails Inn Restaurant. I like this place, and list it as one of my favorite places to eat. I’m sure the food critics probably describe this place as a local “Red Lobster,” but it has character, nice folks working there, and it serves good food for fair prices.

The menu is a typical sea food place. There is shrimp, scallops and fish. Since I ended up there two nights in a row I had a broiled Mahi Mahi the first night, and fried shrimp the second night. Both dishes were well prepared, and tasted good. The only complaint I had was the garlic mashed potatoes I had as a side dish on the first night. There weren’t very garlicy. I avoided this mistake on the second night and had the baked potato instead.

As with pretty much anything on Shelter Island, the location is great. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside and enjoy a great view of the marina. If not, you can stay inside and enjoy a great view of the marina. The place has been around since 1957, and seems to have a following with some of the sailors from the marinas nearby. On every trip I think I’ve overheard at least one conversation going on in the bar about sailing techniques and methods. Some of these get quite animated, with the participants trying to show boat, sail, wind, and landmarks with their hands and arms.

All in all a great place to relax, have some seafood and enjoy the view.

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