Kona Kai Resort (San Diego)

So, as I said I like Shelter Island in San Diego. My trip this week was a circle around the US. I started in Orlando, went to Chicago for a meeting on Monday afternoon. This was followed by a flight to San Francisco Monday evening. Meeting Tuesday morning in San Francisco, the on to San Diego. A meeting Wednesday morning in San Diego, then home to Orlando by midnight on Wednesday. I was dreading this trip. I figured something would go wrong. Of course I figured something would go wrong in Chicago. O’Hare has a reputation of flights never being on time, it snows there, it get cold there, and I was going to be there on a Monday. So I figured this trip would go bad on Monday, in the cold, snowy place.

Well, the trip went perfectly until Wednesday morning. When I tried to check in for my flight back to Orlando, there was a “The kiosk can not check you in, see and agent.” message. The agent explained that the flight from San Diego to Atlanta was delayed by over three hours, and that I would miss the connection to Orlando. My options were: 1) Go to Atlanta on the delayed flight and get stuck there until the next morning or 2) Stay in San Diego and fly home first thing Thursday morning. I choose option 2.

Which brings us to the Kona Kai Resort on Shelter Island. This is the hotel that the airline put me up at for the night. It is located on Shelter Island, about three quarters of a mile down from Humphrey’s. This is now my new favorite hotel in San Diego.

The rooms appear to have been updated in the last five years. Mine was large and fresh, decorated in a tropical island kind of theme. This is hotel is built in a arc type shape facing the marina. So rooms on the inside have a view of the marina. There is a big pool on the inside of the arc. It has a round swimming/relaxing area, and two 30 yard lap lanes. So this is a pool that you can really work out in. There is a small beach at one end of the hotel facing the marina that is kept groomed and has chairs. In addition there is a nice looking work out room facing the marina also.

All in all it was a very pleasant way to spend a flight delayed evening, it sure beat a hard chair at Hartsfield.

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