Turkey Lake Park 2008

Well, our first repeat since I started the blog. Back in May of last year we went to Turkey Lake Park. We returned here primarily because it was the monthly trip for the Florida Pop-Up Campers, but it was nice that after making the longer trip to Savannah last month, and having a planned trip to Topsail Hill State Park in May to have a short 16 mile drive to Turkey Lake.

Not a lot new to report about Turkey Lake that was not covered in the original blog entry. There was a regatta going on this trip. A number of the local high school rowing teams, and a couple of clubs were competing for the city championship. This meant that Saturday morning the lake shore was lined with people. We wandered down and watched a couple of races.

Other than watching the regatta, there was not a lot going on. The pool is closed until Memorial Day, and we did wander a couple of the trails. But all in all it was just a relaxing weekend.

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