Halloween at the Fort (Wilderness that is)

Well, I’m late in posting our last trip report, so I’ll start by just saying that we went to Fort Wilderness, the Disney campground for Halloween and had a great time. This is our third trip to Ft. Wilderness in the motor home, the others being in November of 2008, and September of 2007. The pictures of all the fun we had can be found in our flickr account here. But since I’m so tardy in posting, Lady CurbCrusher has written a review, that’s what follows:

We heard so much about the Fort at Halloween we decided to try it for ourselves this year.

I booked a Full Hook Up (FHU) site which should have put us in 1600-1900 loops but I faxed a request a week ahead and we did get into the 1300 loop again. Our site wasn’t too bad. We were right next to the comfort station and the first site on the right as you enter the loop. We had no neighbors beside us and only someone behind us on the 1200 loop. They were never there though.

We got there Thursday afternoon and waited forever in the check in lane again. I think this will be our normal routine of fixing lunch while we wait for Disney to figure out how to check people in faster. There was no FastPass lane for check in designated so I was glad that I didn’t do that, though I tried 9 times and each time it said I needed to be 18. We finally get our site and head to set up. Little CurbCrusher got out the decorations and started to “spookify” our site.

After we were finished, we (Little CurbCrusher and I)headed to the pool to check out the upgrades, while Mr. CurbCrusher had to go back to get our Disney cards since they didn’t give them to us at check in. The pool area has been remodeled since our last visit and the new water slide was nice as well as the hot tub. Little CurbCrusher played for a few minutes at the new splash pad, and then CurbCrusher got there to try the slide. We spent about an hour at the pool and then went to check out the store and a few of the loops by bike. Later we went back to our site for dinner and CurbCrusher went home to go to work on Friday. He would come back Friday after lunch. Little CurbCrusher didn’t want to go looping or to the movie or campfire so I went by myself. There were some amazingly decorated sites that really put ours to shame. I told Little CurbCrusher that we needed Grandpa to come and decorate our site next time with all the stuff he has for his haunted houses. It was really getting dark early since time change was only 2 days away so I was careful to stay on the sidewalks while riding around. Even so I nearly got hit from other bikers that didn’t have any reflectors or lights on while riding. I stopped by the campfire and roasted one marshmallow then left. It’s no fun without others there, after all it is a group activity. I went back to the RV and we watched a movie before going to bed.

Friday morning Little CurbCrusher and I looped after breakfast. We went and visited the Settlement store and toured all the loops looking at the decorations. Finally we ended up at the cabin pool which has stayed 6 ft deep but they have new lounge chairs and a hot tub now. After that we went to the Whispering Canyon (at the Wilderness Lodge) for lunch. They didn’t do much antics as we were there early. Just the hobby horse ride but my camera was jammed so I didn’t get a picture of it. Lunch cost $34 so we won’t be doing that again soon. We decided to go to the pool when we got back and just as we were leaving CurbCrusher pulled up so he came with us. The day was so hot, I think it was in the mid 90’s all weekend. Not what you want for October. We looped a little bit after the pool and got back in time to see the golf cart parade after we ate dinner. There were quite a few really cool carts. People are so creative. We decided we want to rent a cart next year so we can participate too. After that we went to Downtown Disney to trick or treat and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people there. CurbCrusher had to let us out so he could find a parking space. They had 23 stations set up and a few had already run out of candy. Later on we went to the beach to watch the fireworks and water parade, then we wandered over to site 114 to look at their decorations. As CurbCrusher was taking pictures with our new Canon, Little CurbCrusher and I and saw the headless horseman come from the woods and go into the enclosure behind the store. None of my pictures came out so good though.Then we came back and went to bed.

Saturday we had breakfast and walked the loops looking at the decorations. A lot of people had left on Friday and new ones had filled up the Fort. At 11 am we went to the dog park to watch the pet parade. I felt sorry for the pets as most of them didn’t like wearing a costume. They were all cute though. Afterward we left to go to Downtown Disney and eat at Earl of Sandwich and Ghiradelli for dessert and walk around the stores. It wasn’t as busy in the daytime but I bet Saturday night was just as crowded as Friday. We took it easy for the rest of the day reading, biking, and walking around. We had dinner and got ready to trick or treat as it started at 5 pm. There were a few early ones and CurbCrusher walked with Little CurbCrusher around our loop and I took her around the 1200 and 1100 loops. We came back and left the candy and all walked around the 1000, 900, 800, 700, 100, 200, and 400 where the DisBoarders were going to have a party later and then back to 600. By then we were pooped and decided not to go to the party. We handed out the rest of our candy and called it a night. The kids across were hiding in the bushed and scaring people when they came around the corner until they made a little girl cry and their parents made them stop. We watched another movie and then went to bed.We heard sirens and found out later that a golf cart had flipped over and had hurt a 4 year old girl. She was in ICU for a few days with head trauma.

Sunday we looped a few times after breakfast then came back to pack up and get ready to leave. There was so much to do that we didn’t do everything on the schedule. There was a mummy wrapping contest and games, pumpkin carving, and Bingo that we didn’t get to try. There’s always next year, since this was so much fun we think it will become an annual Halloween tradition.

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