On to Mississippi Day 5

April 25, 2010-Day 5

We pulled out of PNS about 7:30 am on our way to Vicksburg, MS for our night stop. CC decided to take Hwy 98 out of Mobile since he had spoken to his cousin Royce at the reunion who drives Mobile to Jackson, MS 5 days a week as a pro truck driver. The road had been widened since LCC went to school in MS and was perfectly fine until we got right outside of Jackson. We took a trip down memory lane since LCC went to Millsaps College back in the 80”s so we stopped to check out what the campus looked like nowadays. The campus is beautiful and has many more brick buildings than when LCC attended. She gave PTCC a walking tour since CC has shown his school to PTCC many times so this was her chance to show off a little. After touring Millsaps we moved on west to Vicksburg and our stop for the night, Ameristar RV resort. After setting up it was about 2:30 pm so we decided to go visit the Vicksburg Civil War Battlefield and Monument. We had originally thought we wouldn’t have time today and would go on Monday but we found out it was open until 7 pm so we decided to go for it. So off we head, first stop the Visitor Center for our National Park stamp and watch a movie about the battle. Then we took the driving tour around the park. These are 15 stops on the tour and our favorite was the iron clad Gunboat Cairo. We stopped at the visitor center there as well to watch how they raised it from the bed of the Mississippi River in the 1960’s. They have put it back together and it is on display in the park. After finishing with the park we headed home to relax and get ready for a LONG day of driving tomorrow.

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