Pensacola Day 4

April 24, 2010-Day 4


Today we get to sleep in for a little bit but no one does. That’s what happens when you are an east coast person and you visit different time zones. You get up early but your body thinks it is the normal time. So we all got ready and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast which is something we never do. We eat lunch out, we eat dinner out, but never breakfast. So after breakfast we window shop around the CB store but don’t find anything we can’t live without, and with space at a premium in the RV we really can’t add too much anyway. So back to the RV we go to catch up on various things. PTCC had an email from her FLVS Spanish teacher that she needed to do an assignment so she worked on a couple of those and turned them in. CC played on his computer and LCC started to write her review of the campground.


At 10 am we left for the Naval Base here in PNS where the family reunion was being held. The facility at Ski Beach on Bayou Grande was very nice. The family had rented the large pavilion so we had plenty of room. The only downside was the weather as there were tornado warnings last night and today for the area. It was drizzling and windy too. We were doing great until after one hard shower when the no-see-ums invaded the pavilion and made everyone miserable with their biting. But the food was good and it was great to see people I had not seen since we were married 18 years ago. We don’t get together with CC’s mom’s side all that often when we are in town.


After the reunion we went back to CC’s parents RV where they were staying on the base. PTCC’s birthday is next week so they wanted to give her gifts to her as well as for my birthday too since we will be away when it happens as well. After spending some time with them we go back to our RV where we check the weather again-tornado warning s until 8 pm with high winds. The last place I want to be in a tornado is in an RV so we will check a watch on that and pay close attention to the weather radio tonight. We pull out early in the morning for Jackson, MS and Vicksburg.

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