May 8, 2010 Day 18 More driving, this time to Nevada


Well we get up early and leave Yosemite behind. The first part of the trip is the most interesting because you are still in the park. Then we exit and it becomes rolling farmland and little towns. We keep passing trees grown in groves and wonder what they are. Almonds we think (it’s actually walnuts). We also see farms with corn, grapes, and strawberries. I really never thought California grew much of anything besides citrus but there are a lot of farms away from the cities. We finally come to the Donner Pass and Donner Lake at the edge of California. If you don’t know anything about the Donner party, look them up it’s fascinating stuff.

Finally we cross to Nevada, they also don’t have a welcome station. Just a sign. Nevada on I-80 is mostly flat with a few hills thrown in but nothing like the mountains we went through in California. More like New Mexico. There are lots of dust devils and still a little snow outside. The temperature has varied from 40-69 degrees so far. It’s so monotonous LCC and PTCC take naps after lunch to pass the time. It’s strange to be heading back East. I keep thinking when we come to direction signs we should go West still. This will become a 12 hour drive day. We still see snowy mountains in the distance and the drive has been mostly flat except for a few climbs and descents. We finally arrive at the Double Dice RV park. It is a gravel parking lot but has full hookups with cable and best of all WI-FI!!!!! Everybody’s happy. Long hot showers for each of us and plenty of computer time. CC says he just finished uploading his pics to Flickr from Sequoia and Kings Canyon. He still has probably hundreds from Yosemite to get to. But he does get to go home in 2 days so he will be able to do it then if he can’t get to it tonight. Tomorrow is Mother’s day and our 2nd holiday on the road.(PTCC’s bday and MD).

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