May 9, 2010 Day 19 We Make It to Salt Lake City on Mother’s Day

We get up late for us-7:30 am. Today is Mother’s day, the first LCC has ever spent on the road and not at home. We would normally have a quick breakfast and then go to church, but today LCC watches a portion of the Mormon Tabernacle Service on TV before we leave the Double Dice in Elko, NV. CC has given me a card and a t-shirt that I liked when I saw it back at Myakka SP in Sarasota. But he couldn’t buy it when we were there because we were always together so he had to order it online. I thought it was cool it says “May the forest be with you” with large pine trees on it. It will actually remind me of Yosemite because of the trees in the campground. PTCC made me a homemade box of tape and put the shot glass in it from the box she bought the other day in Yosemite. She is so creative, definitely not something she got from me.

After that I go inside to get my continental breakfast of coffee and a muffin and we get ready to hit the road. Only 4 hours of driving today and we also change time so we will only be 2 hours behind now. I was just getting used to Pacific time and now it changes.

So we get on the road and in an hour we stop for gas, just like yesterday there is nothing to see. I think we have found a road to rival the most boring one in FL. I-10 in the panhandle. Only I-10 has trees-there are none in Nevada. Someone could get big bucks if they’d sell a few here and there. PTCC and LCC are having a girl’s day planned by PTCC to celebrate Mom’s day. We have makeovers, hairstyling, hide and seek of WebKinz, songs, and dancing to songs on her I touch. After that LCC is worn out so she takes a nap on the sofa and PTCC watches a movie.

Finally we cross to Utah. There is also not a welcome station here. This is the 3rd or 4th state that doesn’t have one. We see salt on the sides of the road and the Wasatch Mountains with snow on them in the distance. We come to a rest stop and have lunch and see a para-sailer on wheels going across the Great Salt Desert.After getting back on the road we see something in the median, we think it is a cell tower disguised like a cactus, a very strange sight. We finally come to SLC and see the lake. It looks huge! Which it is.This is our 4th state capitol on the trip (Tallahassee, Jackson, Sacramento, and now Salt Lake City). We find the interchange of I-215 and see the RV park just ahead. It looks nice. There is a playground, clubhouse, laundry, pool, and nature trail that’s 14 miles long. We get FHU, cable and wi-fi that we can’t live without. Sites are tight but that’s ok since we will still be sightseeing while here. We get set up and then check out the wi-fi and PTCC does a Spanish assignment then we go to Walmart to get some pics made and fill the larder up.

Before shopping we stopped at Chili’s for dinner. It was kind of funny when we got there another family was waiting to be seated and the mom said she thought it was only guys working because there was no hostess and she saw no female servers there. Maybe they gave them all the day off. We hoped it would not take too long because PTCC and CC are big fans of Amazing Race and wanted to see the finale. PTCC had already arranged with a friend to IM her to tell her who won since we are in a different time zone and she would see it first. We finished dinner with time to spare to shop so we hit the Walmart and got everything we thought we would need then stopped to gas the car and run it through a car wash. It looks like it lost 5 lbs. of dirt but it’s finally clean again.They we went home and made it back in time to see the show. Afterwards CC and LCC took a walk around the park and saw the same couple CC talked to this morning in Elko, NV. They said they were on their way to Yellowstone as well. Maybe we will stop and say hi tomorrow before CC leaves. Then we walk to the clubhouse and the manager couple see us and come out to talk. We ask questions about the area and just chat for awhile. PTCC comes out to the playground and hangs out. It’s getting cold so we go in and catch up on internet stuff and help CC pack for his flight.

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