May 12, 2010 Day 22 Another Day of Rest

Today is another sleep late day. It was raining again last night so the temp is still a cool 50 degrees. PTCC does a few assignments in Spanish. The only other thing on our plate today is to get our hair cut. PTCC wants a new style and I just need a trim. The weather out here is so dry our hair feels like straw. So about 12p we set out for Walmart to get a couple of things and to get new styles. On the ride we are looking at the mountains and they are covered with snow with the clouds touching them. It would be a great picture but I have my hands full with driving on I-15. Traffic moves fast here, I guess they drive slow when there is snow but when there is not they make up time?

We get to Walmart and do the haircuts. PTCC has lost a lot of hair. She now has it layered and angled. Very now. Mine looks about the same. We shop around for awhile then take a break and eat lunch. Then go back to shopping. We get the few items we need and finish up. And drive back to the RV. PTCC can’t wait to post her new ‘do on Facebook for her friends to see. We’re just chilling for the rest of the day. Waiting for Modern Family on TV tonight.

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