May 11, 2010 Day 21 Rain, Rain, Go Away

We get up really late. It rained all night lulling us to sleep and we sleep really good. PTCC slept in her dad’s sweatshirt since she misses him so much. LCC makes muffins and coffee and turns on the space heater since it’s 45 degrees outside and chilly inside. The forecast is for all day thunderstorms. We need to use more electric stuff and less gas since when CC looked before he left we are at 1/3 tank. We will need to refill before leaving SLC because we need the propane for the refrigerator on the road and heat once we get to Yellowstone since there is no electricity in Fishing Bridge this year.

Today I think will be a PJ day. We will sit around in our pj’s and read and surf and watch TV. Very relaxing. I’m planning on taking several naps. My family is always able to sleep wherever we are but I’m an insomniac most of the time. So I’m severely sleep deprived right now and this kind of day is great to catch up.

I also get out my super deluxe humidifier. This dry environment is not helping my sinuses. I’ve had nosebleeds since we left Texas going on 2 weeks now and they are not getting any better so hopefully now that we’re parked for a couple of weeks I can get some humidity in the RV and feel better again. I never travel out west without one but I haven’t been able to use it until now because of the power situation.

We have a picnic lunch on the floor of the RV, and then watch TV.

Today for the most part we stayed in and read and played on the computer. The connection was real slow though, lots of others in the park are doing the same thing I bet since the weather has been yucky. PTCC keeps getting timed out so around 3 pm we go over to the clubhouse to use the landline computers there. She updates the photos on my facebook page and then plays Webkinz for another hour while I read in the clubhouse. After an hour I go back to the RV and call CC to see how he is doing at home. PTCC comes back and talks to him and then we make dinner. After dinner “The G’s” call as PTCC has named her grandparents. They wanted to know if we were on our own and I told them we were and doing fine. We stayed in our pjs until 3 pm and just took it easy today. Tomorrow we will try to go somewhere -just not sure where yet.

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