May 19, 2010 Day 29 Let’s Go Shopping

Today we shop. PTCC wants to find a tote bag to carry her things in. (I call it a purse but that’s too girly for her). So we go to the Layton Mall to shop at JCP. We don’t find the one she saw online but we look around for other stuff. Eventually we walk into the mall to continue our search. This is a smaller mall about the size of the original Fashion Square in Orlando. We go from store to store looking at whatever she wants. This was probably the most enjoyable time I’ve ever had shopping with her. Usually I get nothing but an attitude when we shop together, something like I’m so out of touch with what’s cool. Eventually she finds some cool tennis shoes, a tote bag and we have lunch at Chick-Fil-A which she has been missing since we left home.

Then we go to Dollar Tree to look for some signs and stuff we’ve run out of, then over to the Walmart that we will have our oil changed at on Saturday before our trek to Yellowstone.

We are both missing CC and can’t wait for him to come back. It’s been weird sitting in one place for so long after traveling 3000 miles in 2 weeks. We have kept busy but I want to move on.

We met a nice couple from Panama City tonight while walking around the park. They full time 8 months of the year and have been here the same amount of time as we have. We talked for awhile about where we are going and doing and what we should see. They’ve been the first people we have talked to except for the managers because no one is around during the day. It seems weird with all these RV’s here and no one is ever home.

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