May 20, 2010 Day 30 We Clean Up

Today is the day to clean the RV thoroughly before we begin the 2nd half of our trip. PTCC slept until 9:15 am this morning, so we waited until breakfast was finished then got to work. I got to work vacuuming and she got to Windex everything in sight. After changing sheets and towels and cleaning the bath and kitchen. We head to the office so PTCC can work on her WebKinz video that she is creating. Then she swims for awhile. I think she will miss this nice warm pool when we hit Yellowstone this weekend. The weather will be ugly, they are expecting snow showers almost everyday while we will be there.

I really wanted to see Yellowstone in the spring, we have been there before in the winter before PTCC was born.

When watching the news tonight I saw where a girl had fallen off the trail at Timpanagos Cave yesterday (she’s in serious condition) and a ranger was killed today when he slipped off the trail while riding his scooter to the top. It seems we have been there just hours before a lot of news this week. The same day we went to Antelope Island State park several bison were released there because they could not make it to Idaho because of the snow. I’m wondering if those were the ones we saw because when I talked to the people from Panama City they said they did not see any wildlife when they visited. We have traveled through several areas that later that day or the next were on the news. When we went to This Is The Place, the March of Dimes were having a walk that day that was later on the news. Luckily for us we were off I-15 before a huge accident took place where a mid size car ended up under an 18 wheeler when the FedEx driver was cut off and another truck hit the FedEx truck and tipped over. I hope it stays like this for our future travels, I know we don’t need any problems.

The rest of the day was uneventful for us and we finished up the laundry and had dinner, then settled in for the night. CC will be here tomorrow so we will all be together again.


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  1. Hello from a fellow Central Floridian. I found your blog while reading some forums on Yellowstone and Yosemite. We (me, husband and 2 teenage sons) leave for SLC on June 5 for 6 days in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons (cabins, no camping) and then fly to Oakland where we are renting an RV for trip down coast to Monterey and Yosemite for 7 days. Loved your retelling of the drive into Yosemite! Being a native Orlandoan, I can appreciate the anxiety with mountain driving! I appreciate the details and the photos, it’s helping me to figure out our Great Adventure that starts in a couple of weeks.

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