Salt Springs National Rec Area Ocala, FL September 3-6, 2010

The Curbcrusher family loaded up, plus a friend of Preteen CC’s and headed up to Salt Springs for Labor Day weekend. When we got there we met up with CC’s parents the Old Insiders (or the G’s as PTCC calls them) and a new to us camping group, NorthEast FL Camping Club. Plans were made to have a hot dog cookout on Friday night, a potluck on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday. Sounds good to us as we like to eat and meet new people.

We arrived about 3 pm in the campground and set up. Then said hi to the relatives and scoped out the NEFCC’s sites so we could find out the scoop about the goings on. We met with a couple of them and found out the sites for the festivities and then went back to the RV to load up to head to the springs. It was about 92 degrees out and the springs are always 72 degrees so we couldn’t wait to get in and cool off.

We haven’t been to this campground since August 2007 (see previous blog entries) and the park was closed for about 2 years as they renovated the springhead walls and nearby area. The campground remained open but everyone had to go 7 miles down the road to Silver Glen to swim so we elected to wait until they were finished before coming back. They new swim area looks great and the water looks clearer as well. The only downside is that they took the beach area away so no place to play in the sand  for the little kids anymore.

After cooling off in the springs we came back to get showers so we could head to the hot dog cookout. We have camped with other clubs in the past but this one is the most laid back. Usually there is a set time to start dinner and everyone gathers and a prayer is said then we eat, but this group had a window of time to eat, 6-8 pm, and everyone just helped themselves as they got there. Since we were newbies we didn’t know the protocol and didn’t know to just help ourselves until we figured out people had started to load their plates.  We met a few people that night and found out that there were a lot of people who lived near our relatives in the Leesburg area. Most of the club is from around the Jacksonville area so that was good news for them.

After eating and visiting, we went back to the RV and the girls watched movies and CC and I walked the campground for our nightly routine. Stopped and visited with his parents for awhile, then came back and had ice cream for dessert and went to bed.

Saturday started with our traditional breakfast of pancakes and then we went across the street to the small flea market that seems to be there most weekends. We started with the National Forest office and then toured the stalls. Bought some chow-chow which I hope to use soon. Then loaded up on boiled peanuts and watermelon and we were in heaven. Went back to the RV and got suited up for the springs again and spent a good portion of the day there again. Then came back to the RV and the girls took naps and CC and I read books for the rest of the afternoon until dinner.

Had dinner with the NEFCC, this time was a potluck, and afterwards CC’s dad got to play his guitar for the crowd. He played for about an hour and since we have been blessed to hear him play often, CC and I took our nightly walk again and the girls once more watched movies and made snow cones to eat. After he finished playing we once again visited until bedtime and then turned in.

Sunday we had more pancakes and then went to the springs again. The weather didn’t look as good as the other days so we got out earlier. The girls were tired of snorkeling and CC had taken all the pictures he wanted so we left. The girls went to visit and have lunch with the G’s and we went to find a store to get more milk. On the way, CC told me about his partner at work telling him about a restaurant in Astor that served a huge smothered hamburger and he wanted to see if we could find it so off we went. We found the restaurant named Sparky’s and had a delicious meal. The fries were some of the best I ever ate. Then off back to find a store and get the milk. When we returned the G’s had dinner ready for us but we were pretty stuffed but tried to eat some more. The girls couldn’t wait to get their brownies that they had smelled cooking earlier in the day.We stayed and visited some more with his parents as they were off to Pensacola the next day and we probably won’t see them for another month until they get back.

On Monday we cleaned up and said our goodbyes and traveled back  home to unload and do our laundry and restock for the next trip. It will be a first for us as our child will not be camping with us but enjoying the Nickalodean Hotel with her friends for the weekend and we will have the RV all to ourselves.

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