Kelly Park September 17-19,2010

This was the CurbCrusher’s and Lady CC’s first time camping in the MH w/o PreTeen CC -who got to spend her weekend at the Nick Hotel with friends. We decided to camp at Kelly Park/Rock Springs. It is close by in Apopka and since it was still hot we wanted to tube the river. We had also decided before hand that we would not cook dinner this trip since it was only the 2 of us.

So we set up and got our tubes out and filled them and preceded to head to the spring head. The water was refreshing cold and it was a hot day so it was pure joy to cool off. On our first trip down the river CC put a hole in his tube when he ran into some rocks. So he was left holding the side the entire run to keep the air from leaking out. This greatly lessened his picture taking on the run so we don’t have much in the way of pics on the first trip. When we exited the run his tube was less than 1/2 inflated so we needed to return to the RV to patch and refill.

Upon returning we found that our power was out and so we called the ranger. CC went around and determined that the 4 sites adjacent to us also had no power. In about 10 minutes the ranger on duty showed up and flipped the breaker and all was good. I think she doesn’t understand how RV’s work because she told me that if we were using all 30 amps and we plugged in a fan, for example, we would blow the breaker. In our case, we have a power management system on our MH and it would shut something down if we added more appliances instead of throwing the breaker. In our 5th W, the fuse would blow 1st before a breaker. So the power problem was really the park’s and not because we were over using.

Well after that happened and was resolved we went and got showers and decided to head out to dinner. We seemed to have to drive awhile before we found what we were looking for: a Mexican restaurant.  We had dinner then stopped to get ice cream and headed back to thr RV to watch a movie and take a nightly walk.

Saturday morning we decided to fill the tubes with more air and then take a hike which we have never had enough time for. We walked the Kelly loop trail. It is said to be 2.1 miles and rings the park and springs. It didn’t seem very long but there were parts of it that were pleasant to hike. We saw 2 deer and got to see the 3rd landing area for camping. We walked the boardwalk behind the springs and came back out in front of the ranger house. Then it was an easy walk back to the campsite. We loaded up our tubes and then headed to the springs.  We did a couple of runs and then bought lunch from the concession stand. We had hamburgers and onion rings and both were very good and were not too bad in price either.

it started to sprinkle so we loaded our stuff up and headed back to the RV where we found a neighbor setting up for a party. I guess it is cheaper to rent a campsite for $18 then the pavilion for $50 so they did. They set up, then went tubing and when we were gone for dinner they came back to have cake and ice cream and packed up and left.

We showered then had naps and read our books and then went to the Melting Pot for dinner. We bought coupons last year and this was our last one to use before they expired. We had an excellent dinner, went back to the RV and took a walk around the springs. We saw a deer drinking on the other side of the river but some tubers scared it away. Turtles were swimming around as well as some very large fish. We weren’t lucky enough to see the otters this time though.

After our walk we came back had ice cream, and watched another movie and went to bed. Sunday was restful and we got up and had breakfast and then cleaned up, dumped the tanks and made it home. It’s lovebug season but we were lucky and didn’t hit a swarm of them so clean up was pretty easy. We took the RV back to storage and went  to pickup PTCC at the Nick Hotel. She had a great weekend and so did we.

Here’s our review I posted:

We camped in site #8. Very shady with w/e, fire ring/grill combo, picnic table on a concrete slab. Sites are long enough for the longest RV’s. We did have a problem with the power going out, but it was rectified quickly with the ranger. This our 3rd time camping here and we still really like this campground. It is quiet, but close to the river where the tubing is. Park is not crowded during the week but does get full on weekends. We saw deer on the Kelly park Loop Trail hike, as well as turkeys, raccoons, and a bear was sighted in the campground during the weekend.


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