May 10, 2010 Day 20- One of Us Leaves

Today is a down day. We sleep as late as we can then get up and make breakfast then gather up the dirty clothes to wash them. CC is leaving us here in SLC today. He’s flying home to finish paying for the 1st half of our trip :-). Hopefully he will bring back a suitcase full of money to pay for our gas. He needs to print his boarding pass so we head off to the office to do laundry and get his pass. I walk into the laundry and every machine is full. I guess sleeping late is not going to pay off this morning. CC gets his pass and we leave to come back later. We saw an ad in the park’s brochure about washing RV’s so we called a couple of people to see if they could clean ours today. One of them answered back and can come around noon. Our RV looks horrible with the orange colored sand all over it from the windstorm in Winslow, AZ and then from the snow in the Grand Canyon. PTCC leaves to go to the playground and CC finished up transferring pics between computers. He also shows LCC how to dump again because it’s not really her job but she remembers most of it.

Vince, with the cleaning company, shows up just as we are leaving to take CC to the airport so we tell him what we want done and then we leave. The airport is so close that it only takes about 20 minutes there and back. I drop PTCC off at the clubhouse to see if the laundry is available, she comes back to tell me there’s a group of women sitting in the laundry knitting and talking so I guess it will be awhile before I can wash anything. Vince works for over a hour on pressure washing and then is finished. The RV looks so much better without all the grime on it. Hopefully it will stay clean for awhile.

Meanwhile PTCC and I are working on a Jr Ranger book for Golden Spike NP. I thought we would go tomorrow but the weather forecast is rainy with thunderstorms so I think we will put it off until the weather clears. She is sad her dad had to leave so I know she will miss him a lot.

We finally find some empty washers so we dump 4 loads of laundry in and then hang out in the clubhouse. It is really nice with a fireplace, full kitchen and lounge tables to play games and eat at. There are 2 pool tables and a foozball table. Behind it is the pool. There is a business center and store in the front so it seems to have everything you need. We play a few board games and then make up some games on the pool table and a round of foozball. Finally the washers were done and we settled in to wait for the dryers while watching TV and reading. Finally they were done and the manager came in and said the pool was available because it had passed inspection. PTCC could not get in it fast enough. It’s about 89 degrees which is nice when it is about 65 degrees outside. I’m left to fold everything myself but I know how much she loves her pool time. I talk with a lady from Canada who is going back tomorrow. Her and her husband have been in the states for 6 months so their time is up and they must leave.

I get PTCC out of the pool and we go back to make dinner. CC calls and says he made it to Midway and his flight to Orlando is delayed because of weather. He will probably get in around midnight tonight, and I know he will hate life tomorrow when he has to go to work. As we are eating the wind starts picking up and we can hear it howling outside. I hate that sound ever since Winslow. We watch the news and see bad tornadoes in Oklahoma City and Kansas are going on. I hope they don’t come this way.

We spend the rest of the night watching TV and surfing the net and waiting for CC to call and tell us he made it home safe.

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